Est. 2018 in beautiful Kents Store, Virginia



Looking back over our 30+ years of marriage and the time we spent raising our two fabulous kids, as well as our labs, Belle and Rocky, we loved all of the fun and adventures we had, and didn’t want that to end. But after the youngest left the nest we asked, what now? We were ready for a new adventure - but what?

We knew we wanted to do something meaningful, to give back, to bring joy into the lives of others in some small way. So, after almost 20 years in Charlottesville, VA, we packed up and moved about an hour away to a 14-acre farm in Kents Store, VA and Belle Rock Farm was established!

But what should our farm produce? Christmas trees? Yes! Christmas Wreaths? Why not? Lavender? Yes! Anything else? Who knows?! God willing, we will be doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, and know this was all meant to be.

Why Christmas Trees? Because they are the center of many Christmas celebrations. A family outing to choose the perfect tree becomes a cherished tradition and creates many years of happy memories which last long after the gifts are forgotten. We want to help families and friends make new life-long holiday memories, and add a bit of joy and fun into their lives.

Why Christmas Wreaths? Did you know it takes 8-10 years after transplanting a seedling to grow a Christmas Tree? That’s a long time! Rather than wait 8-10 years to start getting into the Christmas fun, we decided to start now, handcrafting and selling fresh Christmas wreaths. Check out our pictures (and our wreath names!) and let us know what you think. While you’re at it, feel free to put in an order, too!

Why lavender? Because lavender is amazing! It brings about a sense of calm and peace, and we could all use a bit more of that! It has medicinal properties, you can cook and bake with it, it’s lovely to add to bath and body products, it helps you relax and get to sleep; I could go on and on about the many uses of lavender. It’s also just lovely to look at and smells really nice! Look for our lavender products coming in 2019!

We know have much to learn, but also have so much to gain. We look forward to making new friends and reconnecting with “old” ones. Please join us as we start our new adventure!